Representation of interests in court in civil proceedings

Services in the settlement of legal disputes

Legal analysts of Lawyers Association "Tatarov Farinnik Golovko" will provide an assessment of the legitimacy and validity of the requirements of your opponents. Work out and provide the client with a clear algorithm of options for possible actions and recommendations on legal protection. With the personal desire of the client, the specialists of Lawyers Association "Tatarov Farinnik Golovko", as neutral and impartial in the conflict, will help to come to a definite agreement by providing mediation services and resolving the dispute through a compromise solution for the parties.

Lawyers and attorneys of Lawyers Association "Tatarov Farinnik Golovko" represent the client in court proceedings.

This service includes:

  • Preparation of documents to the judicial bodies of all instances (applications, petitions, suits, appeals and cassation complaints, objections, explanations, etc.).
  • Submission of documents to the court. Procedural representation of the Client in court sessions.
  • Supporting the case in all judicial instances.
  • Maintenance of enforcement proceedings.

Legal support for pre-trial settlement of disputes and resolution of cases in court is carried out by Lawyers Association "Tatarov Farinnik Golovko" specialists in the following types of law:

Representation of the client's interests in:

  • Associated with family law (divorce, recovery of alimony, alimony debt, recovery of penalties for alimony, distribution of common property of spouses, determination of the procedure for the participation of parents in the upbringing of the child, determining the place of residence of the child, determining the fact of residence by one family, changing the last name, first name or patronymic, issues of guardianship and trusteeship, assistance in adoption).
  • Associated with labor relations (collection of debts on wages, protection of the interests of the employer in imposing penalties for violation of labor discipline, protection of the employer's interests in attracting the employee to material liability for damage to the enterprise, institution, organization, restoration at work, representation in courts).
  • Associated with residential relations (disputes over a warrant for a dwelling, disputes over changes in the composition of housing stock, disputes over the transfer of housing to a non-residential fund, disputes over the right of individuals to obtain housing in public and communal housing, disputes arising under a contract of employment residential premises of the state or municipal housing stock, disputes over the use of dormitories and office accommodation, disputes on the privatization of housing). Associated with the observance of property rights for housing (in particular, the rights of joint and common shared property), as well as with violation of various kinds of civil obligations (purchase and sale, barter, life-long maintenance, free use of housing, housing commercial recruitment).
  • Associated with land legal relations (privatization of a land plot, acquisition of a lease, disputes over the boundaries of land plots, etc.)
  • Related to property claims between citizens and between citizens and legal entities (collection of debts (repayment of debts), compensation of losses and loss of profits, recovery of penalties, interest, penalties, recovery of unjustifiably acquired property).
  • Associated with the conclusion, modification, dissolution, execution of contracts, settlement of disagreements under the contract, recognition of contracts as invalid. Including, loan agreements, mortgage agreements, collateral, insurance, etc.
  • Disputes about the protection of the violated rights of the owner (demand for property from someone else's illegal possession, removal of obstacles in using property, recognition of property rights).
  • Establishment of facts of legal significance (residence by one family, ownership of title documents to a person, stay of a dependent person, etc.).
  • Associated with inheritance law (inheritance under the will, inheritance by law, recognition of the will as invalid (appeal and invalidation of the certificate of the right to inheritance), restoration of the missed period for the acceptance of the inheritance, recognition of ownership of hereditary property).
  • Settlement of tort legal relations (recovery of material and moral harm, including due to road accidents, etc.).


Written and oral consultations on issues of civil procedure.


Collection of evidence to conduct the case in court.


Ensuring and monitoring the enforcement of court decisions.

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