The mediation procedure is a way of out-of-court settlement of CLIENT's disputes with third parties with the professional assistance and active participation of Lawyers Association "Tatarov Farinnik Golovko" in order to reach a mutually acceptable solution reflecting the interests of all parties to disputed relations.

Unlike the trial process, during mediation, the parties reach agreement themselves - the mediator does not make decisions for them.
  • The client, as a natural or legal person, has a dispute or conflict with another person, which must be solved quickly and effectively, and at the same time it is desirable to maintain partnership relations.
  • The dispute is at the stage of transfer of materials to the court, but the client doubts the outcome of the case.
  • The dispute is already being considered in court, but the client is looking for alternative ways to resolve the dispute.
  • Confidentiality
  • Sincerity of intentions to resolve the conflict
  • Mediator's impartiality
  • The flexibility of the mediation procedure
  • Save time
  • Reducing the cost of the dispute resolution process
  • The ability to influence the outcome
  • Confidentiality of procedure
  • The possibility of maintaining or restoring business relations with partners
  • The ability to prevent similar conflicts in the future
  • Guarantee of the execution of the decision (in case of successful mediation)
  • A lawyer who has received special training is able, while maintaining neutrality, to help the parties to the dispute settle the conflict independently, by mutual consent and with the maximum consideration of the interests of both sides.
  • A lawyer can advise mediation participants on legal issues.
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